Christopher G. Axelrod
a vibrant and colorful performer

Christopher is a seasoned film actor who has shared the screen with many of the industry’s top talents. He offers an extraordinarily memorable blend of versatile emotional expression and depth. Christopher brings with him an impressive collection of richly entertaining original characters.

Christopher G. Axelrod is available for casting as lead, supporting and featured extra roles.

Major Studio Productions
Independent Productions
Full Length Features
Commercials and Advertising Endorsements



Christopher G. Axelrod
an emcee with grace and gusto

A True Showman
Christopher is a charming, elegant and witty host with universal appeal. A showman who takes command of the fun the moment he appears under the spotlight. Christopher’s warm and spontaneous sense of humor will keep your audience engage din the evening’s events and inspired to support your cause.

Well Planned, Well Executed...Well Attended
Every event planner knows a quality event is in the details. You’ll cheer when Christopher rolls in with his tour closet cases packed with light and sound equipment, a variety of unique props and the largest collection of custom attention grabbing jackets anywhere! Christopher has over two decades of experience producing high quality, memorable staging for events and concerts. If you think this years attendance is great just wait until they hear you are inviting Christopher back next year.

A Dignified Spokesperson
The consummate entertainer, Christopher projects an image that is appropriate and in line with your organization’s values and principles. A true professional, no embarrassing moments and lots of smiles.

Combining Giving with Good Times
As a professional auctioneer and invited guest Christopher knows both sides of the gavel. Christopher is as gracious as he is exciting. Minimum bids? Forget about it. Christopher’s delightful rolling banter will put a smile on their face and send their paddles sky ward. He loves a good cause.



Christopher G. Axelrod
want live music? he’ll perform it!

Christopher is an accomplished and talented recording artist with an electrifying stage presence. His bass guitar accompaniment, and backing vocals have graced major release recordings and large hall performances.

A creative arranger, composer, choreographer and lyricist Christopher has a strong working knowledge of everything from early blues and rock to Motown to the diverse styles of today. His experience in dance ranges from period ballroom styles to contemporary.

As a music industry insider Christopher enjoys helping young musicians navigate the world of rock and roll. A versatile experienced and professional musician, Christopher is capable of supporting any studio session or live performance.



Christopher G. Axelrod
if you need it, he’ll find it

Christopher’s love of nostalgia, automobiles, culture and kitsch has resulted in one of the largest knowledge bases of props available. He has a catalogue of resources that can meet the needs of the most demanding production department. Christopher is an avid collector and novel appraiser of the unusual and historical enabling him to add credibility to any period themed set. In addition to his vast wardrobe, and forgotten items collection Christopher also possesses a nationally renowned collection of vintage “one of a kind” Cadillacs. Special item searches and transportation services are available upon request.

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